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Our Story

Our Story

In the heart of Mineral, WA, where the air is filled with the fresh scent of the forest and the majestic Mount Rainier stands guard, there lies a farm that is a testament to one woman's journey from the corporate world to the heart of nature. This place, known as Lavender Passion Flower Farm, is the embodiment of Tina's dream—a dream that took root in the fertile soil of her passion for gardening and blossomed into a thriving business named Herteas Essentials.

Tina, a retired Vice President of Finance for a multi-million international company, found her true calling not in the endless numbers and board meetings but in the tranquility of her garden. With a love for gardening that was as deep as the roots of the oldest tree on her property, Tina embarked on a new chapter of her life. She turned her 11-acre farm into a sanctuary for 550 plants and 20 varieties, but it was lavender that captured her heart the most.

Lavender Passion Flower Farm became more than just a farm; it became a source of inspiration, healing, and beauty for all who visited. Tina's vision was clear: to harness the essence of lavender and create products that reflected her passion for nature, her expertise in business, and her commitment to wellness and sustainability. Thus, Herteas Essentials was born.

Herteas Essentials offers a range of products that are a direct reflection of Tina's love for lavender and her belief in its healing properties. The Lavender Essential Oil, distilled from the finest blooms of Lavender Passion Flower Farm, is the pure essence of relaxation and calm. It's a versatile oil that finds its way into homes as a remedy for stress, a sleep aid, and a natural skincare solution.

The Lavender Mist, another gem from Herteas Essentials, brings the refreshing and soothing scent of Tina's lavender fields into daily life. It serves multiple purposes—from a facial toner to a linen spray—each spritz is a reminder of the serene landscapes of Mineral, WA.

Perhaps the most unique offering from Herteas Essentials is the Aromatherapy Bracelet. This innovative piece combines the beauty of jewelry with the therapeutic benefits of lavender essential oil. Designed to be a personal diffuser, the bracelet allows wearers to carry the essence of Lavender Passion Flower Farm with them, wherever they go, releasing stress and inviting calm into their day.

Behind Herteas Essentials is Tina's inspiring story of transformation. From a high-powered executive to the steward of Lavender Passion Flower Farm, her journey is a powerful testament to the idea that it's never too late to pursue one's passions. Tina's transition from finance to farming, from the corporate to the natural, is woven into every product of Herteas Essentials.

Herteas Essentials is more than just a brand; it's a piece of Tina's heart and soul. It stands as a promise of natural beauty, quality, and the joy of lavender, lovingly grown on Lavender Passion Flower Farm. For Tina, Herteas Essentials is not merely a business but a legacy—a fragrant tribute to the beauty of following one's heart and finding true passion in the lavender fields of Mineral, WA.

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